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Batam Island is part of Indonesia, and is located about 40 km south of Singapore. There are several hotels and resorts on the island, as well as plenty of tourist attractions, 7 international golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants, and a few nice beaches for swimming or taking the kids to.
The settlement history of Batam as well as that of its adjacent islands goes back to 231 A.D. as some Chinese chronicles state. The region has been under the influence of different kingdoms, beginning with the Malacca Kingdom from the 13th century. Later, in 1824 the Dutch and the English split the area and ruled it until it became under the power of the Riau Lingga Kingdom. The trajectory of the Batam history absolutely changed its way when in 1969 the island became a base for the oil exploration of a state-owned oil company. Two years later it was designated an industrial area and since the Batam Authority was formed in 1975, it has continually grown into a duty-free zone with expanding industrial business and great seafood for its visitors. MORE....


Bandung, Indonesia is currently the hub of West Java and is regarded as a place where the earliest Java Man, or the Australoputhecus, have lived. Sundanese people are native groups that were mostly comprised of Muslims. The puppet theater was used to display the creativity of the people. The Great Post Road (Groote Postweg) that was built was too far from Bandung's capital. So, the Governor General instructed to have the capital of the city relocated. The changes that have been made in Bandung, the life of the people changed and improved. Hotels, shops, and restaurants were built, which meant providing jobs for the people. Railroads were also built, thus, enhancing the transport of crops which resulted to the economic growth of Bandung. Today, Bandung can be seen as a progressive place with people thriving to get a better life through education. The city definitely has a very rich history and every visitor will definitely feel the honor to go to a place where Muslims have lived so long as the beautiful people of Bandung. MORE.....

Cewe Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and situated on the island of Java. The climate in Jakarta is very hot and humid. The city of Jakarta was born in 1527 when a small harbour town called Sundra Kelapa was conquered by Prince Fatahillah from nearby Cirebon and he renamed his conquest Jakarta, which translates as Glorious Victory. The city was taken again in 1619 and renamed Batavia only to be fall under the control of the Japanese during World War II, who renamed it Jakarta. In the late nineteen nineties, with the economy collapsing and widespread belief of governmental corruption, riots took place in Jakarta in which 500 people lost their lives and there still obtains a social and political tension in the region.
Of course, there is also the diverse architecture and the traditional tourist attractions of the city and diversity is the operative word when talking about Jakarta. The National Monument, known as 'Monas' is a 137 metre tall obelisk which visitors can ascend for a terrific view of the city. Visitors shouldn't have any difficulty finding the Central Museum as there is a large stone elephant situated on the front lawn!
A more modern attraction is Jaya Ancol Dreamland. The complex houses numerous restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Also on site is Fantasy Land which is a terrific entertainment park where visitors can take a historical tour through old Jakarta, Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Jaya Ancol Dreamland is a fantastic resource. Jakarta is a fascinating mixture of the old and the new and has a lot to offer the tourist. MORE...
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